Monday, 30 June 2008

Africa and the despot Mugabe

The world is watching carelessly the despot Mugabe taking the fate of Zimbabweans in his cruel hand and leading them into another hell again; he is taking an oath that he doesn’t’ deserve and claims to serve the country. Aren’t these despots like Saddam Hussein ashamed of themselves for claiming patriotism, anti-imperialism and their serving the people of those countries? Aren’t the world and the UN are ashamed of watching the brutal events happening without any action? Aren’t the world in general and the UN particular are ashamed of letting those dictators hide behind International Laws and the brutal concept of sovereignty?

We call on the international community to intervene directly to establish democracy in Zimbabwi and other oppressed nations and take solid action to protect those nations by allowing stationed troops for further protection. We call on UN to stop its own corruption in turning blind eye of such mockery and allocate some funding through cutting some of its staff fat salaries to station troops.

People of this world deserve protection from the claws of dictatorial regimes hiding behind the cruel concept of sovereignty. The west must start taking real steps toward the ending of those regimes and toward the freeing of oppressed people wherever they are?

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