Friday, 13 June 2008

Gadafy’s view of Obama

Gadafy of Libya predicted that Obama can be worst than white men in their racism and bias to Israel. The genius Gadafy uses crude psychology to make flawed generalisation which is distinctive feature of Arab dictators.

Let me give some background before delving into details. In the late sixties while studying for my degree at Baghdad state university, I got exposed to Gadafy’s crude and simplistic theories of social and political development. How I was given that rare opportunity to read an Arab’s genius theories was down to a friend of mine who went visiting Lebanon and on the way back to Iraq smuggled in few banned books and one of them was Gadafy’s “The Green Book”. In his book “The Green Book” Gadafy spelled out his crude social and political theories. Of course Iraq was controlled by Saddam brutal Baath party that banned every single piece of literatures that isn’t inline with Baath’s dogma including Gadafy’s crude book. Initially I imagined The Green Book as volumes of books telling us what we need to know about the universe and its intricacies. Next day the friend brought the book and there it was three small pamphlets filled with lots of nonsense or to describe mildly patch work. So that is Gadafy at the time and I don’t think he has changed or developed his thinking further since then but one must admit his inflated ego is tamed due to old age.

Back to the main point, although Gaday believes his country is part of Africa, he also believes as an Arab he is superior to all blacks and he should be leading them rather than being part of them because they haven’t got the capacity to run their affairs intelligently. The idea of leading African blacks was endorsed by some African nations who were desperate for Gadafy’s aides which at the time he was throwing at them. One needs to remember that because other stronger Arab dictators controlling the arena of leading the arab nations, Gadafy’s dream to lead Arabs had been shattered therefore flirting with Africans to lead them would compensate.

So really he hasn’t got high opinion of blacks anyway and his recent comment on Obama as someone who may be worst than whites because of some inferiority complex is a typical crude racist remark by an Arab dictator.

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