Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Iran accuses Ashtari of spying for Israel

Iran has taken another victim accused of spying for Israel. Ashtari is a businessman who is sentenced to death by one of those brutal revolutionary courts normally headed by a bloodthirsty Mullahs such as the early eighties judge called larijani whose victims’ blood still on his hands.

There is a pattern in all of this business of spying for foreign agencies or Israel where all dictatorships share. When dictatorships get cornered as in tightening economic sanctions on them or threat of bombing their nuclear facilities as in the Iranian case, they tend to display their strength and defiance by exhibiting extreme intimidating actions and victimisation of their own people; that sort of action is a good representation of cowardice and lack of courage to confront whoever involved in the sanctions or threat. The closest example I remember is the 1969-70 Saddam’s regime public hanging of ten innocent Iraqis accused of been Israeli agents despite the fact Saddam’s regime was just a couple of years in power and Israel had no idea what sort of regime it was? This sort of sick dynamics represents a good example of dictatorships’ projection of extreme fear, neuroticism and paranoia on their own people.

The way dictatorships do such thing [e.g. hanging of the innocents] can be fast and furious; in other words it happens like lynching where crowd of supporters display their anger in the streets of the capital or making the news of catching the spy public in a flash or by other immediate means. I can tell everyone that actions like that can be very intimidating and paralysing; one would freeze and submit to the will of the powerful of the brutal Revolutionary Guards for example.

Ashatari could be innocent victim of the Mullahs’ brutal regime or perhaps he was lured to some business dealings with Mullahs’ regime but watched to make some mistakes then caught and accused of being an Israeli spy.

By the way this business of Israeli spy is used by all dictatorial regimes in the Middle East.

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