Thursday, 24 January 2008

Ahmadinejad visiting iraq

The Iraqi government has invited the crazy Ahmedinejad of Iran to visit Iraq for the following possible reason:

After learning that Labour government can change its mind about British troops in south of Iraq at a whim due to approaching election and after witnessing the recent withdrawal of those troops, all that coupled with the likelihood of Bush losing the next election to Obama who would pull american troops from Iraq in two days the Iraqi government and people of Iraq lost faith in western commitment toward the protection of democracy in Iraq; all that accompanied with Iran plaguing the region with continuous intimidation of Iraq and the neighbouring countries Iraqi government tries to dampen the relationship with the Iranian bully, just in case western forces leave at a sudden, by inviting Ahmadinejad to visit Iraq and massage his big ego and his immense appetite for nuclear weapons….Al

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Why the Iranian Revolutionary Guards provoke the American in the Gulf?

The reasons behind the provocative act of the Iranian revolutionary guards in the Strait of Hormuz can be seen in its simplest and trivial form:
Life for young men is very boring in a country where religious preaching is the only “creative” activity young men and women can engage in. Dictatorial regimes such as the Iranian can get obsessive about everyone in the country to accept and praise its ideology. There isn’t much difference between a religious or secular dictatorship behaviour-wise; both are normally absorbed by severe narcissism. Narcissism can affect individual human beings or regimes in the same way; it is a form disorder that fogs human creativity to see alternatives and set the human focus on matters that the individual hasn’t develop great of conviction in them; subsequently those individuals try to push forcefully the importance of these matters to raise the level of conviction and self-esteem. This form of behaviour [pushing forcefully the importance of matters] if taking the minds of the elite of the dictatorial regime then young people have no choice but to get sucked into the regime’s rigid ideological practices and processes such as martyrdom. Martyrdom is a brainwashing exercise that is very luring for young men in particular due to the superior sense of heroism involved. Similar dynamics was evident during Iraq Iran war where Iranian young men walking on mines to clear the way for the regular army. The recent provocative act is a thrill for those young men and it can go further if necessary….Al

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Boys from Baghdad high on BBC2

The video diaries created by those four Iraqi teenagers[ a Kurd, a Christian, a Shiite, and mixed of Shiite and Sunni and a Sunni] were brilliant and a very touching documentary. It triggered an immense optimism about Iraqis’ capacity to speak their minds without the old fear instilled in their hearts during Saddam brutal dictatorship.

At some point two of them reminded me with how we used to avoid religious studies classes by all means; they used the same tricks to skip that boring class. One of them, a Christian, chatting to his mate saying that he doesn’t need to attend religious studies class because he is Christian and his Muslim friend said I have just decided to be Christian so I am skipping this class laughing at his own comments.

From the hour and a half documentary it was apparent that everyone in the documentary:
1. Was pleased with Saddam’s death sentence;
2. Said that Saddam deserves that because he tortured and killed Iraqis in their thousands;
3. Said that insurgency is driven by foreign terrorists rather than Iraqi resistance as some western leftists fantasise about it;
4. Never wished that international forces to leave the country as some western media trying to push.
5. Wished that Iraq get back on its own feet
6. Was openly critical about elements of Iraqi culture that don’t assist Iraqis or support them in achieving their ambitions. One of the mothers asked: why the government is making it difficult for my son to get a document that proves been Iraqi although he was born here? This particular issue reminded me with the same treatment thirty years ago, but still there.

Seeing that documentary triggered some optimism that Iraqis are trying to free themselves from the old fear society to the new free society….Al

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Enlightened men and women is what Iraq needs

This man, a member of Iraqi parliament, and many others of the same calibre are what Iraq needs to develop democracy further. He was a target of four assassination attempts by religious fanatics. Here is a link to his views:

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Women in Basra and how to defy religious fanatics.

On one of Iraqi TV channels women publicly admitted that it is becoming hard for them to wear what they choose; this has been pointed out by the head of the Iraqi police in Basra.

Men of proud religious dogma coupled with rigid tribal values are becoming bold to tell women to wear appropriate Islamic dress. Let me put some cultural prospective to this phenomenon and put forward some thoughts on how to stop those fanatics from intervening in others’ lives.

Men of that category can be very aggressive if confronted by women wearing less Islamic dress, but they can be easily intimidated by women who abide to Islamic dress but promote ideas or practices that promote women’s freedom or even ideas that differ from Islamic values. Therefore women who are pro-women freedom must gather in groups and be aggressive in their behaviours toward those men but they need temporarily to abide to Islamic dress until the time becomes right where they should go in their thousands to demonstrate for more freedom. This is purely tactical move and women should adopt it to gather better momentum and then take the street in their masses to demonstrate against those religious fanatics.

Since those religious fanatics are brought up in a social environment like Ahmedinejad's of Iran one, i.e. they shy away from groups of strong women but they may brutalise single strong women. Those men are normally afraid of women in groups, subsequently women must form groups when defying those fanatics….Al

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Nuclear technologies may fall in the wrong hands. Sarkozy and Mubarak regime

Sarkozy is welcomed in Egypt by its long serving parasitic dictator Mubarak whose speciality is siphoning billions of American and European aids into his corrupt institutions to consolidate his dictatorial regime. Sarkozy is there to strike lucrative deals to supply Egypt with French nuclear technologies. This is France the sensible European nation who always wore the colourful mask of world’s peace more than anybody else. It is interesting to see that Europeans are not so concerned of the deal; if it was America then we find half the Europeans screaming mad. The West should start questioning the concept that dictatorships may bring stability to the region and democracies are high risk that won’t bring stability to the region. The West must learn that dictatorships are entities of high risk and maintenance and mustn’t be supported anymore and democracies have to replace them as a natural alternative. Parasitic regime like Mubarak’s mustn’t be supplied with nuclear technologies for reasons obvious to everyone. Although the dictatorship has lasted over 25 years and seems misleadingly stable, but Egypt is one of most fertile breeding ground for religious radicalism and a collapse of the regime can lead powerful technologies in the wrong hands….Al


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