Friday, 30 May 2008

Fallujah’s deformity cases as reported by channel five

In last night news on channel five, it was reported that some children from Fallujah suffer from facial and other body’s deformities. Children’s parents were told by local Fallujan doctors that these deformities are consequences of the American bombing of Fallujah when Al Qaeda followers started to launched their attacks to terrorise the country. Of course you could see the tears in Natasha Kiplinsky’s eyes, the newly crowned channel five’s angelic princess, reporting on those cases. What channel five has forgotten is that politically motivated individuals from Fallujah trying very hard suggests implicitly that Falluja is a victim of an American campaign and the evidence is quite clear through reported deformity cases.

Fallujah used to be one of Saddam regime’s pillars but after the fall of Saddam’s regime the tribal Sunni elite, not ordinary poor people, lost the power they enjoyed for decades and subsequently trying to compensate for that through siding the Sunni Arabs’ anti-American campaign by creating a newly heroic image of themselves displaying a self destructive sense of Arabs and Sunnis’ bravery and courage. What these people forget (i.e. tribal leaders of Falluja) is that by siding Arab nationalism and Arabs’ anti-American sentiments are not going to pave a way to democracy and freedom but another form of self-destructive Arab dictatorship.

Look at how Palestinian youths are wasting their lives through suicide bombing proving their Arabism, heroism and recently religious dogma. Anyone’s heart would bleed for the waste of Arabs’ youth under a detrimental sense of tribalism, blind loyalty, religious manipulation and cultural machismo.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Can the despot Mubarak feed the people of Egypt?

So the wealth-sucking Vampire of Egypt Murbark has decided to send the Egyptian army and police force to bake bread for the starving Egyptians; also he increased the salary of all civil services’ employees by 30% to cope with the rising prices of basic food stuff. These are measures of a despot pampering starving Egyptians. Perhaps few questions can shed more light on the despots’ intentions of such measures: first, how the Egyptian despot managed to cater for 30% increase just like that, there must be some cash stashed somewhere in his private accounts or it is a lie to temporarily stop people from complaining? Second, knowing that the army and the police if employed to bake bread for the nation can only cater for 1% of people’s need, how such measure is going to help to control the a desperate situation?

The whole thing is rotten and despotic and reflects typical dictatorships’ stupid gimmicks. I remember similar gimmicks when living in Iraq; these gimmicks are more of dictatorial regimes traditional tactics to make people happier and subsequently getting their loyalty, what nonsense? Here is one of them out of my memories in Iraq: people are granted an extra day off work to go out and demonstrate against Israel or something that keeps dictators longer in power. Obviously having a paid day off work makes the regime the loveliest of all in the eyes of majority even if it annihilates 99% of its political opponents.

What amazes me or actually makes me more angry is that decade after decaed and the same dictatorial misleading practices produce the same result, the staying of despotic regimes!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Consortium for Uranium enrichment on Iranian soil !!

The Iranian proposal to let her build a factory for Uranium enrichment on her soils as part of an International Consortium should be thought a bit more in order to prevent the oppressive regime of mullahs who is desperate to join the nuclear club to intimidate neighbours, from constructing a covert replica or the acquisition of Uranium enrichment expertise. The international community should accept the Iranian offer but subject it to conditions as in:

1. All personnel from shop floor to top management must not include any Iranian personnel to stop any attempt to acquire Uranium enrichment expertise.

2. The Government of Iran must acquire the product via means as if it buys enriched Uranium from abroad.

3. All security personnel must not be Iranian.

4. By no means the Iranians should be able to nationalise the facilities as despotic regimes normally do as sign of patriotism.

5. Monitoring of the facilities shouldn’t be given to UN for its lax attitude toward nuclear threats in the region. The monitoring should be in the hand of the Security Council.

6. Military presence for the protection of the facilities should be thought of carefully, no nonsense of not having foreign troops on our soil because we are sovereign country. You want enriched Uranium you get with conditions.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mubarak of Egypt leading democratic reforms!

In his visits to Middle East, Mr Bush is been openly critical of oppressive regimes in the region. People of the Middle East would openly support any open views that expose those dictatorships that have plagued these nations for decades. In the past the United States was not as open as it is now in criticising dictatorial regimes such as the one in Egypt. In the last couple of days Mubarad the ancient dictator of Egypt reacting with claims that democratic reforms are underway, what is amazing about dictators like Mubarak is that he claims leading democratic reforms in Egypt but the question one may ask is: why would a dictator like Mubarak spearheads democratic reforms? Is it because he would like to remove himself from his own throne? Or what?

We need the support of all nations around the world to put pressure to oust dictatorial and brutal regimes around the world in general and those medieval killers of the Middle East such as the one in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Palestinian authority …etc.

If George Bush is sincere about his criticism of Middle Eastern dictatorships then we would like him to spearhead and encourage the international community to set effective pragmatic plans to free those nations or at least effectively help them to free themselves from the tight grip of brutal dictatorships and not to let those dictatorships hide behind what is called sovereignty.

Human rights and people freedom must the 21 century priority and all nations and pressure groups of the world have an obligation to free their brothers and sisters from the brutality of those killer dictatorships.

Persepolis the movie

The movie is simply a brilliant historical account of the events that struck Iran since the mullahs took over power in 1979; it is also a personal account of a woman who sincerely trying to portray a picture of a country plagued with dictatorial practices from Shah’s to the turban-led one.

The movies showed very accurate scenarios of revolutionary guards’ and Baseege (i.e. the young rottweilers of revolutionary guards) dogmatic belief, intrusive and aggressive behaviour and their obsession with controlling people lives.

The very funny episode is when the young woman was running in the street of Tehran to catch up with her university lecture where she was followed by revolutionary guards who at some point asked her not to run and wiggle her bum although it is fully covered with the thick and loose Islamic dress; I supposed they were quite excited and do not want to fanaticise about her since doing so is a great and unforgivable sin.

The people of this poor nation are still captured by the mullahs and their paranoid and brutal revolutionary guards and young rottweilers and this reality is well portrayed in the movie; it is a good portrayal of silent cry for help to be freed from the claws of this brutal regime.


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