Thursday, 19 June 2008

Iran and Light Water Reactors proposal

Recently it has been suggested to the government of Mullahs in Iran to use Light Water Reactor to limit the likelihood of producing nuclear bomb. Of course the mullahs refused the offer and their refusal clearly tells everybody the mullahs’ intention of the Uranium enrichment process, it is to construct a nuclear bomb.

Please don’t let this mad dog or any other regional dictatorial regime such as Libya, Egypt, Syria…etc acquire nuclear weapon because these dictatorial mad dogs would drop a nuclear bomb just of getting upset with someone or as a simple act of retaliation.

Some people argue and say: why Israel was allowed to continue its nuclear research and later manufactured a nuclear bomb, obviously the answer to such question is: a nuclear bomb in the hand of dictatorial radical Mullahs is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb in the hand of a rational mind. I think the idea of letting only Israel to have a nuclear bomb and not to allow any of its neighbouring or regional mad dogs such as the Mullahs’ regime of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya…etc is a reasonable thing to do. Just imagine the Palestinians having the capacity to develop a nuclear bomb…Well; they would annihilate Israel as soon it is in their hands. I think deterrents should be in the hand of nations that have reached a stage where its citizens are reasonably content and has the democratic power to stop states’ mad acts such as dropping a nuclear bomb just to retaliate.

Just as we have the "Anti War Movement" we should have a campaign "Anti Mad dogs’ acquisition of nuclear bombs"

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