Friday, 13 March 2009

Shoe throwing, Bush and Al Zaidi the iraqi journalist

I am quite annoyed by the sentence passed on Al-Zaidi the Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at President Bush. A three years sentence represents the fear and paranoia of Iraqi figures in authority from been treated the same way. Therefore such unreasonable sentence comes from fears of losing face rather than from a rational decision that is proportionate to the act itself.

In legal sense there may be two kinds of assaults, one that causes physical harm which in a court of law a punishement will depend on how much the physical damage is? The other kind of damage caused by the assault is related to how much is the emotional is the emotional damage? Obviously neither of those damages ware evident in incident. Apparently the sentence aimed at setting precedent for the rest of the Iraqis rather than showing justice. I think this isn’t fair for a country that is just learning about the right of protest and democracy.

A week or two in detention or a fine would be proportionate rather than coming down heavy handedly on people similar to what Saddam used to treat Iraqis.


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