Friday, 13 June 2008

Former Palestinian collaborators forge new life in Israel

Article title: Former Palestinian collaborators forge new life in Israel Guardian 13 June 2008:

Five Palestinian families decided to seek refuge not in an Arab dictatorial state who always claim sympathy with Palestinian issue but Israel after helping it to acquire intelligence on radical Palestinians’ activities. These courageous people broke a mould that no one dared to break; a mould instilled by dictatorial regimes that chained the souls of all ordinary Arabs and stifled them for decades. The mould always manifested itself in the form of shame attached to admiring or working for a fair, compared with regional dictatorial regimes, Israeli system which is seen by Arab dictatorships as the only enemy. These people must have been tormented by Arabs’ dictatorial misleading patriotic nonsense and want a decent life under the only neighbouring humane system.

One can be sure that majority of ordinary Arabs are against suffocating dictatorships and wish an end to them, but the tremendous fear of being prosecuted or even annihilated made the nightmare to carry on for decades.

One should be glad to see people like those families taking a huge risk and set precedence for other Arabs to make similar move.

Israel should start encouraging these sorts of moves among Arabs and not to fear anything. Encouraging Arabs to leave their countries seeking better life in Israel may be the necessary move leading to the end of dictatorial Middle Eastern regimes which always threaten Israel security and suffocate their own people. Since the majority of ordinary Arabs if given the opportunity to live decently under the rule of law would appreciate that and Israel shouldn’t fear a thing; on the contrary Israel will be seen as the only state that sympathise and protect if necessary oppressed people from its neighbouring countries.

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