Monday, 30 June 2008

Africa and the despot Mugabe

The world is watching carelessly the despot Mugabe taking the fate of Zimbabweans in his cruel hand and leading them into another hell again; he is taking an oath that he doesn’t’ deserve and claims to serve the country. Aren’t these despots like Saddam Hussein ashamed of themselves for claiming patriotism, anti-imperialism and their serving the people of those countries? Aren’t the world and the UN are ashamed of watching the brutal events happening without any action? Aren’t the world in general and the UN particular are ashamed of letting those dictators hide behind International Laws and the brutal concept of sovereignty?

We call on the international community to intervene directly to establish democracy in Zimbabwi and other oppressed nations and take solid action to protect those nations by allowing stationed troops for further protection. We call on UN to stop its own corruption in turning blind eye of such mockery and allocate some funding through cutting some of its staff fat salaries to station troops.

People of this world deserve protection from the claws of dictatorial regimes hiding behind the cruel concept of sovereignty. The west must start taking real steps toward the ending of those regimes and toward the freeing of oppressed people wherever they are?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Iran and Light Water Reactors proposal

Recently it has been suggested to the government of Mullahs in Iran to use Light Water Reactor to limit the likelihood of producing nuclear bomb. Of course the mullahs refused the offer and their refusal clearly tells everybody the mullahs’ intention of the Uranium enrichment process, it is to construct a nuclear bomb.

Please don’t let this mad dog or any other regional dictatorial regime such as Libya, Egypt, Syria…etc acquire nuclear weapon because these dictatorial mad dogs would drop a nuclear bomb just of getting upset with someone or as a simple act of retaliation.

Some people argue and say: why Israel was allowed to continue its nuclear research and later manufactured a nuclear bomb, obviously the answer to such question is: a nuclear bomb in the hand of dictatorial radical Mullahs is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb in the hand of a rational mind. I think the idea of letting only Israel to have a nuclear bomb and not to allow any of its neighbouring or regional mad dogs such as the Mullahs’ regime of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya…etc is a reasonable thing to do. Just imagine the Palestinians having the capacity to develop a nuclear bomb…Well; they would annihilate Israel as soon it is in their hands. I think deterrents should be in the hand of nations that have reached a stage where its citizens are reasonably content and has the democratic power to stop states’ mad acts such as dropping a nuclear bomb just to retaliate.

Just as we have the "Anti War Movement" we should have a campaign "Anti Mad dogs’ acquisition of nuclear bombs"

Friday, 13 June 2008

Former Palestinian collaborators forge new life in Israel

Article title: Former Palestinian collaborators forge new life in Israel Guardian 13 June 2008:

Five Palestinian families decided to seek refuge not in an Arab dictatorial state who always claim sympathy with Palestinian issue but Israel after helping it to acquire intelligence on radical Palestinians’ activities. These courageous people broke a mould that no one dared to break; a mould instilled by dictatorial regimes that chained the souls of all ordinary Arabs and stifled them for decades. The mould always manifested itself in the form of shame attached to admiring or working for a fair, compared with regional dictatorial regimes, Israeli system which is seen by Arab dictatorships as the only enemy. These people must have been tormented by Arabs’ dictatorial misleading patriotic nonsense and want a decent life under the only neighbouring humane system.

One can be sure that majority of ordinary Arabs are against suffocating dictatorships and wish an end to them, but the tremendous fear of being prosecuted or even annihilated made the nightmare to carry on for decades.

One should be glad to see people like those families taking a huge risk and set precedence for other Arabs to make similar move.

Israel should start encouraging these sorts of moves among Arabs and not to fear anything. Encouraging Arabs to leave their countries seeking better life in Israel may be the necessary move leading to the end of dictatorial Middle Eastern regimes which always threaten Israel security and suffocate their own people. Since the majority of ordinary Arabs if given the opportunity to live decently under the rule of law would appreciate that and Israel shouldn’t fear a thing; on the contrary Israel will be seen as the only state that sympathise and protect if necessary oppressed people from its neighbouring countries.

Gadafy’s view of Obama

Gadafy of Libya predicted that Obama can be worst than white men in their racism and bias to Israel. The genius Gadafy uses crude psychology to make flawed generalisation which is distinctive feature of Arab dictators.

Let me give some background before delving into details. In the late sixties while studying for my degree at Baghdad state university, I got exposed to Gadafy’s crude and simplistic theories of social and political development. How I was given that rare opportunity to read an Arab’s genius theories was down to a friend of mine who went visiting Lebanon and on the way back to Iraq smuggled in few banned books and one of them was Gadafy’s “The Green Book”. In his book “The Green Book” Gadafy spelled out his crude social and political theories. Of course Iraq was controlled by Saddam brutal Baath party that banned every single piece of literatures that isn’t inline with Baath’s dogma including Gadafy’s crude book. Initially I imagined The Green Book as volumes of books telling us what we need to know about the universe and its intricacies. Next day the friend brought the book and there it was three small pamphlets filled with lots of nonsense or to describe mildly patch work. So that is Gadafy at the time and I don’t think he has changed or developed his thinking further since then but one must admit his inflated ego is tamed due to old age.

Back to the main point, although Gaday believes his country is part of Africa, he also believes as an Arab he is superior to all blacks and he should be leading them rather than being part of them because they haven’t got the capacity to run their affairs intelligently. The idea of leading African blacks was endorsed by some African nations who were desperate for Gadafy’s aides which at the time he was throwing at them. One needs to remember that because other stronger Arab dictators controlling the arena of leading the arab nations, Gadafy’s dream to lead Arabs had been shattered therefore flirting with Africans to lead them would compensate.

So really he hasn’t got high opinion of blacks anyway and his recent comment on Obama as someone who may be worst than whites because of some inferiority complex is a typical crude racist remark by an Arab dictator.

The article:

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Naomi Klein and city of Shenzhen-China

Naomi Klein, city of Shenzhen-China and police states In yesterday’s Guardian Naomi Klein again threw up her hatred for a climate, free market economy and liberalism, which allows her to access unrivalled freedom of speech by any standard. She claimed that having CCTV cameras in the major industrial city of Shenzhen-China can be seen as the move toward a police state, but what she forgot is that communist China is a police state already and all what it is doing is using available technologies to monitor the movement of every citizen in China whatever the origin of technologies is. Of course what she is implying is that installing CCTV cameras in western cities such as London can be a prime factor to change a liberal democracy into a police state! this is a nonsensical argument. Liberal democracies have proper effective mechanism to maintain liberties.

The story starts like this: Shenzhen is a Chinese city hosting thousands of successful high-tech collaborative manufacturing businesses between China and Western Corporations. Klein claims that over a million CCTV cameras have been installed in the city and that to Klein is enough proof for consolidating a police state, but again what she forgets is that billions of dollars businesses need protection rather than seeing it as an evidence of a start of a police state (China) which is a police state already.

Pompous writers like Klein need a taste of Saddam’s brutal police state for example to appreciate what she has in the West and not to blindly supporting dictatorships just to attack liberal capitalism. This shouldn't be understood that we shouldn't criticise the liberal west, but Klein and the like shouldn’t present the West as the worst place on this planet and even side rotten dictatorships to prove an anti-capitalism political point of view. Klein and the like should be equally critical of rotten dictatorial regimes and any negative aspects of liberal democracies. But unfortunately those western radical leftists are more interested in criticising the liberal west and say nothing about the brutality of dictatorships around the world; on the contrary they praise these dictatorships to support their criticism of western democracies.

Once and on Big Brother programme the one I dislike most Goerge Gallaway was asked if the people of Iraq loved Saddam Hussein and his reply was yes they did; a complete lie. These lies propagated by some leftists are quite damaging and may justify the oppression and brutality of those dictatorships. Klein and the like is guilty of such crime. When I was 17 years old young man and in conversation with family German friends visiting us in Iraq I was asked: what would I choose if I had to choose between freedom of speech and the daily necessary meals and my reply was freedom and I still believe so. But pampered people like Gallaway praising Cuba for its educational and health systems as if human beings are designed to accept being stripped off basic rights such as freedom of speech if offered good education and health. What a stupid argument?

I wish to see a new generation of western leftists who invest the same amount of efforts and energy to criticise the liberal west's negative issus as much as exposing the brutality of despotic regimes and work effectively toward ending them.


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