Thursday, 13 December 2007

Young Iranian-German footballer’s refuses to play for Germany vs Israel

Youth in the Middle East are exposed to extreme flood of anti-Semitism or I should say dislike of the Jews at very early stages of their development. Those brainwashing exercises include stories of:
1. Uncleanness of Jews and Christians
2. Uncleanness of things they handle and how compulsory it is washing oneself or things if got in contact with them
3. How it is forbidden to eat food cooked by Jews and Christians
4. How defile they are as a common expression used by the majority

Besides the above stories, people are warned in similar way about dogs; that obviously gives pretty good idea of the scale of the problem and how such intolerance would hamper attempts to develop solutions between Palestinians and Israelis.

Friends tell me that the above childhood’s accounts are still around in majority of Middle Eastern social makeup and that tells us the kind of indoctrination Middle Easterners are exposed to.

A friend telling me about his latest visit to Egypt: in my visit to Egypt, he says, I came across the same old stories about Jews and their uncleanness and honesty that is similar to the ones I heard when I was young in Iraq. He continues: I sensed the immensity of antagonism and dislike for the Jews in every part of Egypt I visited. It was an experience that gave an insight that no matter what the Jews would do they are not forgiven for been just Jews. In most of the Middle East countries you still hear descriptions of the Jews that make one feel living the days of Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”.

Misled people should know about such social dynamic and subsequently I would like to assert that unless this brainwashing process stops there seem to be no way of achieving peace between Israel and Middle Easterners. To the world this should be some sort of precondition to work around achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians….Al

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