Monday, 17 December 2007

So far 45 women were killed after Britain hands power to religious militia

It is reported that 45 women, in Basra-south of Iraq, were killed for not wearing Islamic dress, well done Labour for such brilliant job and for twisting the truth about what is happening after troop’s withdrawal. I therefore must agree with the anti-war movement for not trusting Labour going into war in the first place since British politics is about half solutions. But then one can ask what else they could’ve done? Good question; beheading women is a cultural issue and Britain cannot do much about it and one has to go along the idea of cultural relativism and suggests: unless religious militia and ordinary Iraqis get an open mind about the role of women in society, nothing can be done about it. But then I don’t agree with this business of cultural relativism and its clash with basic human rights. I subsequently suggest that Iraqis inside and outside Iraq must initiate a mass movement for the protection of women under those brutal conditions first and second push for the imposition of protective measure for the rest Iraqis if chose not to abide to religious practices.

I think we would be happier if Labour tells the truth about what is happening in Basra rather than twisting the truth and telling us rosy tales of what is really happening there…..Al Atar

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