Monday, 17 December 2007

The TV programme “Make me a Muslim”

The programme takes volunteers from different backgrounds and subjects themselves to the experience of becoming Muslim. The programme got more interesting as one of the Muslims starts lecturing the audience about how people in Britain have lost touch with spirituality suggesting that only Islam out of all faiths and religions is concerned with loss of spirituality and has the antidote for that. It gave my friend watching the programme together a sense of “who the hell this man to lecture us with not just a hint of arrogance and forcefulness but an abundance of it”.
People around Britain do mention their annoyance of Muslims speaking of solutions to humanity’s problems with a forceful tone suggesting that no one else on this planet has dealt with those problems the way Islam does. But all that coupled with the shallowness of issues raised trying to convince us of the depth of their argument. For example, in the above programme all of those Muslims speak of women not dressing modestly [i.e. cover from top to toe] suggesting that is what make women feeling unprotected and they may invite men for rape. What those Muslims don’t realise is that the matter isn’t just about feeling protected but about choices women can have or entitled to have, but then again that what Muslims and Islam have always trouble with…the human choice..............Al

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