Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Britain pulling troops from Iraq, why?

Pulling troops from Iraq, why?

In his visit to south of Iraq Gordon Brown promised big reduction of troops and full withdrawal by mid 2008; he looked very serious no smiles no visit to Iraq’s prime minister apart from a phone call probably saying “quick hello I am off to Afghanistan sorry cannot meet up you Iraqi guys are a bit of trouble; need to tell my troops in there that we need to stay longer to secure democracy”.

Not been cynical but to tell the truth, of course the British had failed in their job in Iraq and that can be narrowed down to the following reasons:

1. The fear and paranoia of Iraqi politicians of being labelled, by pan-Arab movement, as traitors of the Arabs’ cause for letting foreign troops on home territories and been selfish and in not considering the higher priority of the big Arab nation.

2. Pulling out the troops would secure the next election and Gordon Brown has to show by all means that his government succeeded in its task in Iraq and no mess been left behind. Labour portrays a rosy picture of Iraq as if everything is hunky dory. As a result of that, troops are handing power to local militia, supported by Iran, to set Shariaa courts and do the normal duties of locking up dissents, whipping women for not wearing hijab or dare to go astray from the normal Islamic practices like the Iranian regime’s normal practice.

3. For election purposes again, Gordon Brown feels that pulling the troops out of Iraq will please the strong UK and European anti-war movement who are obsessed with Iraq and not other parts of the world.

4. To please the Arabs who always blamed Britain for their misery and who always rejected the idea of been conquered by others and fought fiercely to stay free from foreign imperialism but happy to rot under local dictatorships oppressing them like hell.

We should thank labour led by Gordon Brown for such brilliant move…Al Atar

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