Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Ahemadinejad’s speech at Columbia University

Ahemdadinejad is a typical dictator who is confused and demagogic in his approach to debate serious issues; he wants to confuse his audience using the analogy of research in physics and its resemblance to conduct a research on the holocaust. If he is setting the scene of debate in the way he did then we could ask him the following question: “Since the Quran is written 70 years after the death of Prophet Mohammad, therefore one can hypothesis about its originality as the word of God”. So why doesn’t’ he inject some of mullahs funds into finding out more about the truthfulness of Quran?

His twisted argument is aimed at discrediting the history of the holocaust and joining fascists who attempts to deny the most horrendous 20th century crime.

Dictators like him hang two young homosexuals in public to subdue the Iranian public to the will of a dictatorial regime and claim that homosexuality doesn’t exist in Iran. We should be thankful for him to lecture a western audience about his twisted thoughts and ideology so we can know more about him and his regime. He should be invited more often to expose himself more.…Al Atar

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