Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Iraqi oil industry infrastructure

Iraq has decided to open up its oil industry’s infrastructure for renovation by outside companies; companies who develop United Arab Emirates from a desert into a country that can be one of the biggest financial centres in the Middle East and Asia and that was within 25 years.

This very courageous move is going to detach Iraq from the stupidity of Arabs nationalistic politics and the simplistic idea of foreign companies steals Iraqi oil wealth; let these companies steal the Iraq oil if that takes Iraq to where the United Arab Emirates has reached now.

Currently oil price is quite high and Iraq can benefit from that by exporting 6 millions barrel a day in the next 10 years. This is what Iraq needs.

Globalisation has a great impact on nations like Iraq where Gordon Brown’s recent proposal of countries like Iraq can invest into British renewable energy industries and Britain and other western nations can invest in developing better oil industry’s infrastructure. This is called innovation and not stealing, this is called 21st century business deals, this is called old colonial practices cannot be practised in 21st century, this called the best way forward for Iraq to disentangle itself from the rest of the Arab defective politics and develop independent of them.

Although I disagree with ideology of party leading the current Iraqi government, I endorse its proactive move to develop Iraq’s oil industry infrastructure and snubbing all Arab nationalism’s nonsensical voices and focus on how their ancestors the Babylonians build the Tower of Babylon and the infinite library of Babylon.

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