Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sawah Abu Saif tortured by Hamas, why?

An Arab journalist, by the name Sawah Abu Saif, working for a German newspaper was detained and tortured by Hamas gangs claiming he is a spy for Fatah. This spying business is a disease plagued the Arab world for decades and has to be exposed.

Any Arab who may disagree or not committing himself to blind loyalty to an Arab tribe or a religious sect and dares to speak the truth about the inhumane treatment of others is normally accused of spying and espionage by whoever in power. Hamas or other radical Arab and Muslim group may detain westerners but surely will not torture them, but if the detained person is an Arab or an Arab by origin then he had it.

There is a similar parallel of mistreatment of Arabs or naturalised Arabs when visiting another arab country. When you get to passport control of an Arab country and the passport control officer learns from your name or by other means that you are an Arab then delays, demanding bribes, and threatening gestures is what you get. I lived such experience when visiting Egypt. In my first visit I pretended that I do not speak Arabic therefore was no delay but in my next visit I spoke Arabic then demand for bribes and delays was evident. A westerner will never be treated the same way.

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