Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Persepolis the movie

The movie is simply a brilliant historical account of the events that struck Iran since the mullahs took over power in 1979; it is also a personal account of a woman who sincerely trying to portray a picture of a country plagued with dictatorial practices from Shah’s to the turban-led one.

The movies showed very accurate scenarios of revolutionary guards’ and Baseege (i.e. the young rottweilers of revolutionary guards) dogmatic belief, intrusive and aggressive behaviour and their obsession with controlling people lives.

The very funny episode is when the young woman was running in the street of Tehran to catch up with her university lecture where she was followed by revolutionary guards who at some point asked her not to run and wiggle her bum although it is fully covered with the thick and loose Islamic dress; I supposed they were quite excited and do not want to fanaticise about her since doing so is a great and unforgivable sin.

The people of this poor nation are still captured by the mullahs and their paranoid and brutal revolutionary guards and young rottweilers and this reality is well portrayed in the movie; it is a good portrayal of silent cry for help to be freed from the claws of this brutal regime.

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