Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Can the despot Mubarak feed the people of Egypt?

So the wealth-sucking Vampire of Egypt Murbark has decided to send the Egyptian army and police force to bake bread for the starving Egyptians; also he increased the salary of all civil services’ employees by 30% to cope with the rising prices of basic food stuff. These are measures of a despot pampering starving Egyptians. Perhaps few questions can shed more light on the despots’ intentions of such measures: first, how the Egyptian despot managed to cater for 30% increase just like that, there must be some cash stashed somewhere in his private accounts or it is a lie to temporarily stop people from complaining? Second, knowing that the army and the police if employed to bake bread for the nation can only cater for 1% of people’s need, how such measure is going to help to control the a desperate situation?

The whole thing is rotten and despotic and reflects typical dictatorships’ stupid gimmicks. I remember similar gimmicks when living in Iraq; these gimmicks are more of dictatorial regimes traditional tactics to make people happier and subsequently getting their loyalty, what nonsense? Here is one of them out of my memories in Iraq: people are granted an extra day off work to go out and demonstrate against Israel or something that keeps dictators longer in power. Obviously having a paid day off work makes the regime the loveliest of all in the eyes of majority even if it annihilates 99% of its political opponents.

What amazes me or actually makes me more angry is that decade after decaed and the same dictatorial misleading practices produce the same result, the staying of despotic regimes!

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