Friday, 23 May 2008

Consortium for Uranium enrichment on Iranian soil !!

The Iranian proposal to let her build a factory for Uranium enrichment on her soils as part of an International Consortium should be thought a bit more in order to prevent the oppressive regime of mullahs who is desperate to join the nuclear club to intimidate neighbours, from constructing a covert replica or the acquisition of Uranium enrichment expertise. The international community should accept the Iranian offer but subject it to conditions as in:

1. All personnel from shop floor to top management must not include any Iranian personnel to stop any attempt to acquire Uranium enrichment expertise.

2. The Government of Iran must acquire the product via means as if it buys enriched Uranium from abroad.

3. All security personnel must not be Iranian.

4. By no means the Iranians should be able to nationalise the facilities as despotic regimes normally do as sign of patriotism.

5. Monitoring of the facilities shouldn’t be given to UN for its lax attitude toward nuclear threats in the region. The monitoring should be in the hand of the Security Council.

6. Military presence for the protection of the facilities should be thought of carefully, no nonsense of not having foreign troops on our soil because we are sovereign country. You want enriched Uranium you get with conditions.

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