Friday, 30 May 2008

Fallujah’s deformity cases as reported by channel five

In last night news on channel five, it was reported that some children from Fallujah suffer from facial and other body’s deformities. Children’s parents were told by local Fallujan doctors that these deformities are consequences of the American bombing of Fallujah when Al Qaeda followers started to launched their attacks to terrorise the country. Of course you could see the tears in Natasha Kiplinsky’s eyes, the newly crowned channel five’s angelic princess, reporting on those cases. What channel five has forgotten is that politically motivated individuals from Fallujah trying very hard suggests implicitly that Falluja is a victim of an American campaign and the evidence is quite clear through reported deformity cases.

Fallujah used to be one of Saddam regime’s pillars but after the fall of Saddam’s regime the tribal Sunni elite, not ordinary poor people, lost the power they enjoyed for decades and subsequently trying to compensate for that through siding the Sunni Arabs’ anti-American campaign by creating a newly heroic image of themselves displaying a self destructive sense of Arabs and Sunnis’ bravery and courage. What these people forget (i.e. tribal leaders of Falluja) is that by siding Arab nationalism and Arabs’ anti-American sentiments are not going to pave a way to democracy and freedom but another form of self-destructive Arab dictatorship.

Look at how Palestinian youths are wasting their lives through suicide bombing proving their Arabism, heroism and recently religious dogma. Anyone’s heart would bleed for the waste of Arabs’ youth under a detrimental sense of tribalism, blind loyalty, religious manipulation and cultural machismo.

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