Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The wrath of the Egyptian God “Al Fayed”

Few words on the Egyptian God’s culture, paranoia and his ambition:

Can the Egyptian God “Al Fayed” abuse authorities in the current blood sucking dictatorship of Egypt? The obvious answer is NO and if he does he would be put in prison for the rest of his life and all his possessions will be confiscated. So why he is abusing a reasonably just and democratic system where he lives in currently? The answer is: when a Middle Eastern acquires a powerful status whether it is the acquisition of money or political power then his dictatorial traits surface and he would start challenging anyone stands in his way.

The Egyptian God “Al Fayed” can be seen as an extension of the typical Middle East’s obsession with conspiracies which can give a clear way to see oneself as a victim and that is an integral element of culture of the region [i.e. victimhood]. So his current claim of an international plot that killed his son; he is using his son death as platform to defy a reasonably just legal system [that one of his ambitions] at the same time acting as a victim of this system [his paranoia].

One can predict The Egyptian God’s next step it would be to ally with even Al Qaeda to break a system that did not facilitate proving his son’s death conspiracy; he already draw some reasons for the conspiracy summarised by the fact that Britain cannot handle a marriage of a Muslim [his play boy son Dodi] to a royal princess; what a fantasy but then The Egyptian God is a great fantasist.

Beside his campaign to prove Britain's conspiracy against his son, why doesn’t' he campaign to stop the circumcision of the 95% of the women in Egypt?…Al

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