Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Introducing democracy around the world

Tonight David Milliband the foreign secretary spelt it loud and clear suggesting that Britain must be at the forefront at promoting democracy around the world. He may be the first British official who dares to recognize that the rest of the world needs liberal democracies to intervene in the promotion and the introduction of democracy to those deadly Dark Age dictatorships around the world. Of course the western left is quite skeptical about this and will come up with all sort of conspiracy theories which may suggest that western liberal democracies are not interested in the spreading of democracy around the world but to create wars to benefit from as Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine where she promote her complex and intellectual but wouldn’t-care–less-about-the-rest-the-world-if-killed-by-dictatorships argument.

Yes, Britain had colonized the world and sucked it’s blood during 19th century, but that doesn’t mean any humane step by Britain toward introducing democracy replacing rotten dictatorial regimes around the world should be ruled out. Although western leftist intellectuals have a great input into the global dynamic but they need to be made aware of the necessaty of introducing democracies replacing those brutal dictatorships.

The question I would like to ask Mr Milliband is: if mistakes were made in Iraq then Britain should start fixing those mistakes and not just to talk about promoting Britains’ future role in introducing democracy around the world. Hey Milliband do something about my country Iraq and don’t let it slip into the hands of a religious dictatorship…Al

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