Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Transsexuals in Iran

The BBC TV programme on transsexuals in Iran sheds good light on social issues that young men have to deal with in oppressive societies such as the Iranian one. There were few interesting points made by participants:One of the programme’s participants declared that life is a lot easier for women than men in the current religious Iranian one. This particular statement was stressed by other young men who were going for a female sex change. One angle to all this is to suggest that a society led by mullahs who love and treat women of submissive behaviour better than men [this has been recently stressed by Ahemadinejad’s talks at Columbia university] can generate a social dynamic that places greater pressure on young men to either take a tiring macho role and ask not to be loved or go for sex change. Obviously this dynamic may lead to severe inadequacy and confusion for those young men and furthermore attempt to please through sex change.

Another participant said that “Seegha” [temporary marriage which can last from an hour to months or years] is becoming an easy option to earn good money. Because transsexuals cannot conceive then it is more convenient for older men to strike temporary legitimate sexual contracts with transsexuals rather than with females who may conceive and subsequently men have to take responsibility of any conceived children.

This is how the mullahs of Iran are legitimising a form of prostitution….Al

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Stephen Clynes said...

I enjoyed the programme and was saddened by the total lack of freedom the Iranian people have, especially with the morality Police checking on the dress of females and transsexuals. The power the Mullahs have is extreme but the sex change doctor came across as a very loving man doing his level best for his patients.


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