Tuesday, 26 February 2008

British manipulative game in Iraq

As a matter of guilt, the British now trying to compensate - by sending experts to collect and protect ancient Iraqi artefacts and places - for deserting the south of Iraq in the hand of religious group who is currently imposing by intimidation Sharia law. Labour government failed to stay in the south of Iraq to protect people from the mad man Moqtada Al Sadr because of the tremendous bullying of western left despite the fact that the British military man in charge of the south of Iraq and on a number of occasion reiterated the fact that it is too soon to withdraw troops from there.
Sending experts to protect ancient Iraq artefacts and places as a compensation for troops’ withdrawal is an old game usually played by parents to confuse children and subsequently control or quieten them. When I was child I remember been given an apple and banana to stay at home with my grandmother while the rest of my family heading to Turkey. The feeling was very confusing for a little child where I was happy with the apple and the banana and therefore have to stay with my grandmother but resentful for not joining the rest of the family for the nice trip to Turkey. The British plays the same game with Iraqis giving them attention for their ancient artefacts and places but leaving them in the hands of mad religious people.
In the long run, these manipulative games normally leave very deep resentment in the heart of a child or a nation…Al

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