Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Women in Basra and how to defy religious fanatics.

On one of Iraqi TV channels women publicly admitted that it is becoming hard for them to wear what they choose; this has been pointed out by the head of the Iraqi police in Basra.

Men of proud religious dogma coupled with rigid tribal values are becoming bold to tell women to wear appropriate Islamic dress. Let me put some cultural prospective to this phenomenon and put forward some thoughts on how to stop those fanatics from intervening in others’ lives.

Men of that category can be very aggressive if confronted by women wearing less Islamic dress, but they can be easily intimidated by women who abide to Islamic dress but promote ideas or practices that promote women’s freedom or even ideas that differ from Islamic values. Therefore women who are pro-women freedom must gather in groups and be aggressive in their behaviours toward those men but they need temporarily to abide to Islamic dress until the time becomes right where they should go in their thousands to demonstrate for more freedom. This is purely tactical move and women should adopt it to gather better momentum and then take the street in their masses to demonstrate against those religious fanatics.

Since those religious fanatics are brought up in a social environment like Ahmedinejad's of Iran one, i.e. they shy away from groups of strong women but they may brutalise single strong women. Those men are normally afraid of women in groups, subsequently women must form groups when defying those fanatics….Al

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