Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Boys from Baghdad high on BBC2

The video diaries created by those four Iraqi teenagers[ a Kurd, a Christian, a Shiite, and mixed of Shiite and Sunni and a Sunni] were brilliant and a very touching documentary. It triggered an immense optimism about Iraqis’ capacity to speak their minds without the old fear instilled in their hearts during Saddam brutal dictatorship.

At some point two of them reminded me with how we used to avoid religious studies classes by all means; they used the same tricks to skip that boring class. One of them, a Christian, chatting to his mate saying that he doesn’t need to attend religious studies class because he is Christian and his Muslim friend said I have just decided to be Christian so I am skipping this class laughing at his own comments.

From the hour and a half documentary it was apparent that everyone in the documentary:
1. Was pleased with Saddam’s death sentence;
2. Said that Saddam deserves that because he tortured and killed Iraqis in their thousands;
3. Said that insurgency is driven by foreign terrorists rather than Iraqi resistance as some western leftists fantasise about it;
4. Never wished that international forces to leave the country as some western media trying to push.
5. Wished that Iraq get back on its own feet
6. Was openly critical about elements of Iraqi culture that don’t assist Iraqis or support them in achieving their ambitions. One of the mothers asked: why the government is making it difficult for my son to get a document that proves been Iraqi although he was born here? This particular issue reminded me with the same treatment thirty years ago, but still there.

Seeing that documentary triggered some optimism that Iraqis are trying to free themselves from the old fear society to the new free society….Al

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