Thursday, 10 January 2008

Why the Iranian Revolutionary Guards provoke the American in the Gulf?

The reasons behind the provocative act of the Iranian revolutionary guards in the Strait of Hormuz can be seen in its simplest and trivial form:
Life for young men is very boring in a country where religious preaching is the only “creative” activity young men and women can engage in. Dictatorial regimes such as the Iranian can get obsessive about everyone in the country to accept and praise its ideology. There isn’t much difference between a religious or secular dictatorship behaviour-wise; both are normally absorbed by severe narcissism. Narcissism can affect individual human beings or regimes in the same way; it is a form disorder that fogs human creativity to see alternatives and set the human focus on matters that the individual hasn’t develop great of conviction in them; subsequently those individuals try to push forcefully the importance of these matters to raise the level of conviction and self-esteem. This form of behaviour [pushing forcefully the importance of matters] if taking the minds of the elite of the dictatorial regime then young people have no choice but to get sucked into the regime’s rigid ideological practices and processes such as martyrdom. Martyrdom is a brainwashing exercise that is very luring for young men in particular due to the superior sense of heroism involved. Similar dynamics was evident during Iraq Iran war where Iranian young men walking on mines to clear the way for the regular army. The recent provocative act is a thrill for those young men and it can go further if necessary….Al


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