Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Nuclear technologies may fall in the wrong hands. Sarkozy and Mubarak regime

Sarkozy is welcomed in Egypt by its long serving parasitic dictator Mubarak whose speciality is siphoning billions of American and European aids into his corrupt institutions to consolidate his dictatorial regime. Sarkozy is there to strike lucrative deals to supply Egypt with French nuclear technologies. This is France the sensible European nation who always wore the colourful mask of world’s peace more than anybody else. It is interesting to see that Europeans are not so concerned of the deal; if it was America then we find half the Europeans screaming mad. The West should start questioning the concept that dictatorships may bring stability to the region and democracies are high risk that won’t bring stability to the region. The West must learn that dictatorships are entities of high risk and maintenance and mustn’t be supported anymore and democracies have to replace them as a natural alternative. Parasitic regime like Mubarak’s mustn’t be supplied with nuclear technologies for reasons obvious to everyone. Although the dictatorship has lasted over 25 years and seems misleadingly stable, but Egypt is one of most fertile breeding ground for religious radicalism and a collapse of the regime can lead powerful technologies in the wrong hands….Al

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