Thursday, 10 April 2008

What Iraqis must do?

As an Iraqi I am very concern about Iraqis’ inability to truly love their country and very sad for not stopping the destruction of the country through their nonsensical sectarian fighting which is aided by social defects and tribal and religious narcissism. I would like to say to those destroying Iraq to wake up and start building Iraq rather exploiting the language of blame to justify their inability to love themselves and others. Arabs’ self-hatred has infected Iraqis and influences them to just pretend loving their country but it is deeply rooted pretension. It is high time to get out of Arabism and Islamism and related narcissism and move forward.

I really believe that it doesn’t matter what the intention of the Americans is and whether to stay or leave? Iraqis can, if willing, to force America not by fighting her but by solid and persistent negotiation and assertion to build Iraq and its flourishing democracy. We need people young and old who are confident and prepared to take on the rest of the world and take the necessary steps to make Iraq the first democracy among those rotten Arabs’ dictatorships and stop playing the old Arabs’ role “the victim” and just speaking the language of blaming for their misery.

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