Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Hillary Clinton and the obileration of the iranian regime

Hillary Clinton’s language of the US’s capacity to obliterate Iran if, in the next ten years, it chose to drop its home-made nuclear bomb on Israel is a language the Iranian regime understands/uses very well; it is called the language of intimidation; a language the Iranian regime is well-versed in and uses for the last 29 years in its daily oppression of its own people; Saddam used the same language for 45 years to stay in power, Mubarak of Egypt for the last few decades…etc. Also the Iranian regime love to push its luck to its favourite position “Being the victim of a superpower especially the US”. This political concept is part of what is called in psychological terms the self-destructiveness and is inline with Iranian mullahs’ push for every young soul to seek martyrdom the mullahs' biggest nonsense.

By no means to suggest that self-destructiveness is unique to the Iranian regime but a human phenomenon normally triggered by feeling unable to reach one’s potential as desired deeply. This fatal dynamics is due to the belief that something beyond us (can be others) stopping us from reaching our real potential. This feel normally plagues desperate young people and oppressive regimes take advantage of it to stay in power. But brutal regimes cannot stay misleading their people by simple games therefore seek varieties of clashes to avoid misleadingly the feel of its own and those of young people self-destructiveness via for instance developing nuclear bombs followed by real threats of dropping such bombs on other nations if the opportunity arises. To calm the spirit of the youth those brutal regimes play a major game of creating something that misleading injects some meaning into those young souls’ lives. One can see that clearly in how Palestinian brutal leaderships brainwash the youth to commit suicides through suicide bombing.

To save those young souls, Hillary Clinton and anyone else interested in stopping mad regimes like the Iranian regime from dropping nuclear bombs on Israel should be thinking of the democratisation of those brutal regimes through direct intervention rather than threatening to obliterate them.

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