Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Five years after the liberation of Iraq & Anas Al Tikriti

The only ones to blame here are the Iraqi's for not standing up and taking advantage of the help offered by us for a better tomorrow.”

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As an Iraqi I fully agree with SonOfLiberty; Iraqis should’ve grabbed that opportunity of been liberated from the most brutal regime and develop a better Iraq, but the stupidity of Arabs’ tribal culture gets them into a deep power struggle which they consider as healthy and good. The trouble with such culture is that everyone thinks and believes that s/he knows the rights of Iraqis for better living more than the majority of Iraqis and even better than the West which gave such a golden opportunity, this is typical of tribal narcissism. People like Anas Al Tikriti who are more interested in suffocating Iraqis under his rigid believes than liberting them. We need people above the deeply rooted tribal and religious power struggle to save Iraq and its people from the claws of Sunnis and Shiites.

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