Monday, 31 March 2008

What Moqtada Al Sadr of Iraq trying to prove?

A macho culture such as Arabs’ or Muslims’ culture or a culture plagued with blindness to the usefulness of pragmatism may get men into battles that don’t serve Iraq or its people. Al Sadr and his followers worrying to be seen betraying their country if they stay quite without fighting the elected government as opposed to the Sunnis who proclaimed heroism fighting the occupiers is getting Al Sadr’s gangs into proving their patriotism regardless how hampering their activities to the development of Iraq.

Iraq is a country that’s plagued with disabling machoism and its young men are more absorbed in proving their virility or their ability to fight rather than thinking and taking courses of action that serve Iraq and its people. This may suggest that the root of dictatorial regimes dominating Iraq through history.

As an Iraqi I am very angry about Iraq being shattered by fanatic and savage factions bogged down into power struggle to monopolise the political arena through the elimination of each other. When this nation gets out of its tribal and backward mentality and does something that helps itself developing a stable democracy?

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