Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Battle for Haditha by Nick Broomfield

Western leftists try very hard to locate heroes from other cultures to sympathise with them; Nick Broomfield is not an exception. If we examine closely this identification with heroes from other cultures, we find that western leftists pick their heroes from groups that they think are the underdogs and in “The Battle for Haditha” it happens to be the Sunnis and subsequently support their cause and stories they come up with. So what makes the leftists sympathise with what they believe the underdogs from other culture? The answer can be as simple as they believe that they are the underdogs in their on societies and identification with other underdogs is justified.

In “The Battle for Haditha”, although Broomfield tries to portray an unbiased picture of the events by telling accounts from both sides, but one can see that he sympathises with Sunnis and portrays their violent reaction as a natural reaction of the American troops’ behaviour forgetting that those Sunnis have lost a privileged life under Saddam regime and are not interested in patriotism as Broomfiled try portray them rather than loyalty to the dead brutal regime.

This western leftists’ obsession with Sunnis has to stop and they should focus on how Iraqis are suffering now including the Shia and come up with solutions to the current situation.

Final word, regarding human brutality I always wondered and ask the following question: why people like Naomi Klein, Broomfield and other western leftists come with detailed accounts of American and western oppression but never wrote, argued or display images of the brutal torture of Saddam regime of the Iraqis?

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Stephen Clynes said...

The film was a very realistic re-enactment of what actually happened in the lead up to that tragic day, the horrific slaughter and the aftermath. The true horror of that day was shown together with the very strong emotions expressed by all parties.


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