Sunday, 16 March 2008

Interventionism and British troops withdrawal

Iraqis are protesting against the withdrawal of British troopsAndrew Marr in his Sunday morning program announced to his Sunday audience that Iraqis are not happy with the idea of withdrawing British troops from south of Iraq therefore protesting by marching in the streets of Basra. Then in an interview with William Hage he asked him if the timing of withdrawal is the right. Mr Hage replied yes because we need to let the Iraqis to take over controlling the south and because there have been more attacks by Al Qaeda on British troops recently. We need to look at the situation closely from different angle and conclude.

The first scenario is that if Iraqis police and army are given control of the south then there won’t be attacks on British troops but still possible that attacks on Iraqi police continues and Al Qaeda or Shia militias will gain more ground to enforce the backward Shariaa laws. So we save the skin of the troops but get religious fanaticism in all shapes or forms taking control and abusing human right and this is in reality what’s happening.

The second scenario is that if British troops withdraw then Iraqis would appreciate the presence and the protection of the troop compared with the oppression of religious fanatics and will do something about it, but then how can they do something about it without the help of the international forces?

The third scenario is that the troops stay and support and protect the majority who are protesting against the oppressive practices of those religious groups regardless of the possible increase of attacks on British troops and Iraqi police and army, but the they [British troops] can take a supportive role to Iraqi police and army rather than planning to abandon them after making huge difference in the lives of Iraqis through the removal of most brutal regime on the face of planet, i.e. Saddam’s regime. Of course there are so many scenarios one can envisage, but one may conclude that in complex situation such as the one in Iraq direct interventionism can be a good option. Interventionism has the capacity to focus on parameters that aid achieving planned outcomes and produce desired results, on the other hand exhaustive calculated planning may end up with doing nothing but exhaustive planning and nothing to stop the oppression human beings in Iraq and around the world.

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