Thursday, 25 December 2008

Thomas Friedman, Conflict Prevention and Peace in Middle East and Iraq

Thomas Friedman, Dell’s theory of Conflict Prevention and development of peace in the Middle East starting with Iraq

Thomas Friedman in his book “The World is Flat” discusses Dell’s theory of Conflict Prevention. In its essence the theory suggests that countries with mutual economical dependency and benefits through free market economy would not resort to wars if the heat of political or religious confrontation arises. He takes China and Taiwan as two countries that developed mutual economical benefits through Hi Tech western investments in both countries. Everyone knows that the conflict is about the China’s claim of Taiwan and Taiwan’s claim for independence. Dell’s has invested billions of dollars in hi tech manufacturing components in both countries and that has generated mutual economical dependency and subsequently prevented catastrophic wars.

I think the model can be implemented in the Middle East to create the peace we all wants starting with Iraq as the first fledging democracy where western investments can be injected followed by further investment in neighbouring countries to generate mutual economical dependency and benefits.

To some this proposal may seem simplistic but it can happen as it did happen in China and Taiwan.

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